Transportation & LOGISTICS

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Whether your business is in transportation or distribution and warehousing, Nix provides multiple solutions for organizations in the logistics industry.




We work with individual owner operators and global fleet managers alike. We understand your priorities and needs. We know that quality and dependability of our process are the most important things because your down time is extremely costly. We will ensure that we communicate in a very honest and transparent manner to ensure that any unforeseen concerns with your equipment are brought to light, and the finished product is ultimately what you desire. Our objective is for you to leave our facility with a “like new” product for much, much less cost.

Distribution & Warehousing

Distribution & Warehousing

We work with distribution centers and warehouses on many fronts. From keeping their employees safe to protecting the product, we can help you run your facility efficiently and safely.


Bulk order of belt supports and shipping pallets for our local customer. With teamwork in design engineering, custom fabrication, sandblasting & powder coating, and transportation,

A customer within the transportation industry had a tank needing a complete refurbishment. Due to the existing coating being lead based, our team applied Enviroprep

Our Field Coatings Team refurbished the Osage, a U.S. Coast Guard barge located in Owensboro, KY. The existing coating system was aged and beginning to