Drilling Components

Our customer faces routine damage to their drilling components, including drill augers, drill stems, and centralizers, due to normal operational wear and tear. These issues call for frequent repairs, replacements, and redesigns to maintain optimal performance. Here are some of the routine solutions we have been providing to these components: Grout Pipe Replacement: We cut […]

Industrial Plant Tank Pad Coating

Beginning with surface preparation, we shotblasted the concrete to a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 4-6, providing an optimal foundation for the coatings. Following this, we applied a scratch coat of Sika 24, enhancing adhesion and substrate resilience. The next step involved the application of a urethane cement slurry, combined with a sand broadcast for […]

Grapple End Plate Addition

Check out a recent project success story! At Nix Industrial, we not only support your projects in our shops, but also can help you in the field. Recently, we were tasked with a rush job that needed completion within a matter of hours. Our field service team added a plate to the end of a […]

Cutting Our Largest OD Gear Blank Yet

Our Northend Gear & Machine team in Cincinatti, OH cut their largest OD gear blank to date. This blank was 186 teeth and measured just under 65 inches in diameter. Complete team effort from start to finish with high quality results!  Stay updated with our latest projects by following us on social media! Introducing the […]

Rumble Strip Grinder

Ever wonder how they make the rumble strips on roads? This German built machine is it. Nix Industrial is disassembling and rebuilding it for our customer. The scope of work includes reverse engineering, fabrication, machining, coatings, hydraulics, and mechanical. Great example of how we keep America’s industries running!  Stay updated with our latest projects by […]

CAT 395 Platforms

Embarking on the creation of platforms for the CAT 395, our team seamlessly blended innovation and functionality from the initial Faro Scanner-assisted design to the final installation. Our one-stop-shop solution streamlined fabrication, coatings, and installation processes, ensuring efficiency, while keeping our commitment to high-quality standards.  Stay updated with our latest projects by following us on […]

Roof Restoration and Coating

In this project, we pressure washed and cleaned over 40,000 square feet of a facility’s roof, soffits, gutters, and downspouts. To ensure long-lasting protection, we applied a 3-coat industrial coating system comprising epoxy, urethane, and fluoropolymer layers. This system enhances durability, weather resistance, and UV protection, safeguarding the facility’s structure while minimizing maintenance needs. The […]

Truck Probe Shack (Modular Building)

This project is the perfect example of how our Industrial Products website can best benefit new and current customers, whether it be a small or large project! A construction company in North Dakota found our industrial products website, nixindustrial.com, after looking for a customizable modular building. The customer already had drawings of exactly what they […]

Allied Pedestal Boom Repair

Check out this 13,000 lb Allied Pedestal Boom!We recently rebuilt this for a customer by providing weld repairs throughout, and replaced all the bushings and pins. The project was in and out the shop within the same week and back to the customer ready for use again. If you have any projects that require Quick […]

Tank Roof Coatings

An agricultural customer came to us needing their tank roofs refurbished. We removed loose paint/rust and applied a spot prime coating. We then applied epoxy rust inhibiting primer, polyurea sealant to all bin protrusions on the rooftop, and finished with a white exterior acrylic topcoat.By doing so, this will prevent rust and further leaks, reduce […]