Truck Probe Shack (Modular Building)

This project is the perfect example of how our Industrial Products website can best benefit new and current customers, whether it be a small or large project! A construction company in North Dakota found our industrial products website,, after looking for a customizable modular building. The customer already had drawings of exactly what they wanted and just needed to find a business to make it happen. 

After submitting a form for an exterior modular building, our team reached out to start putting a custom quote together. The customer included their drawings in the form they submitted and shared they are needing a Truck Probe Shack built. 

Custom Build: The Probe Shack is 14′ x 40′ x 12′ (outside height) and has 9′ Interior ceiling height with a Single 1:12 pitch roof. The exterior was sheeted with pre-finished rib metal and the interior has 18 gauge galvanized sheet metal. There are two 3070 man doors, five 4’x4′ windows, counter support brackets as needed, and 2” spray foam insulation all around. The finished build included electrical and HVAC, as requested by the customer.

Coatings: As for the coatings, our team applied one coat of epoxy and one coat of urethane to the exposed exterior steel. The interior walls and floor were painted with one coat of epoxy.


Next up, our team will finish out the interior to the customer’s specific request, add the roof and windows, then the project will be complete!

Our Industrial Products website is a great source to use to either request a quote for an exact product we have shown or get the conversation rolling on a product you see, but would like to make custom changes to. Our team at Nix can handle almost any size project and can easily make custom changes to any of our standard products. Whether you have drawings for your project or not, we can help meet your specific needs. Visit our products website,, and browse our variety of safety products, material handling, and modular solutions.

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