Industrial Plant Tank Pad Coating

Beginning with surface preparation, we shotblasted the concrete to a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 4-6, providing an optimal foundation for the coatings. Following this, we applied a scratch coat of Sika 24, enhancing adhesion and substrate resilience. The next step involved the application of a urethane cement slurry, combined with a sand broadcast for […]

Grapple End Plate Addition

Check out a recent project success story! At Nix Industrial, we not only support your projects in our shops, but also can help you in the field. Recently, we were tasked with a rush job that needed completion within a matter of hours. Our field service team added a plate to the end of a […]

Commercial Building Terrace

We were approached by a commercial building owner seeking a tailored solution for their property—a custom terrace to enhance their building’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our engineers and custom fabrication teams collaborated to bring this project to life, showcasing our commitment to top-notch craftsmanship. Our engineering team visited the job site, equipped with cutting-edge technology, […]

Roof Restoration and Coating

In this project, we pressure washed and cleaned over 40,000 square feet of a facility’s roof, soffits, gutters, and downspouts. To ensure long-lasting protection, we applied a 3-coat industrial coating system comprising epoxy, urethane, and fluoropolymer layers. This system enhances durability, weather resistance, and UV protection, safeguarding the facility’s structure while minimizing maintenance needs. The […]

Fuel Tank Refurbishment

A customer within the transportation industry had a tank needing a complete refurbishment. Due to the existing coating being lead based, our team applied Enviroprep to treat the spent media/coatings, so they were at an acceptable level for disposal. We abrasive blasted the tank exterior per SSPC-SP 10 (near white metal blast), applied 1 coat […]

Tank Roof Coatings

An agricultural customer came to us needing their tank roofs refurbished. We removed loose paint/rust and applied a spot prime coating. We then applied epoxy rust inhibiting primer, polyurea sealant to all bin protrusions on the rooftop, and finished with a white exterior acrylic topcoat.By doing so, this will prevent rust and further leaks, reduce […]

Matt Weisheit

Matt Weisheit Estimator & Project Manager – Field Coatings Matt joined the Nix team in June of 2022. Matt graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management. Prior to Nix, Matt has worked +17 years in the environmental services industry building his skills in variety of leadership positions including an Operations Manager, […]

Frank Rye

Frank Rye Operations Manager Frank joined the Nix team in October of 2021 through the acquisition of Northend Gear & Machine in Fairfield, OH. Frank first began at Northend in 1993 as a machining intern. After Frank graduated High School, he came to Northend full time as a machinist. Throughout the years, Frank moved around […]

Osage U.S. Coast Guard

Our Field Coatings Team refurbished the Osage, a U.S. Coast Guard barge located in Owensboro, KY. The existing coating system was aged and beginning to rust and fade. We followed the USCG specifications to abrasive blast to remove existing coatings on the hull, freeboard, and underwater body. We also blasted and coated the sewage and […]

Julie Hartman

Julie Hartman Office Manager Julie joined the Nix team in October of 2021 through the acquisition of Northend Gear & Machine in Fairfield, OH. Julie began working for Northend in 2015, after being a stay-at-home mother for several years. Prior to this, Julie worked for a manufacturing company where she gained experience in finance, accounting, […]