Shipping Components

Bulk order of belt supports and shipping pallets for our local customer. With teamwork in design engineering, custom fabrication, sandblasting & powder coating, and transportation, we are consistently able to provide this customer with a one stop shop project experience.  Stay updated with our latest projects by following us on social media! Introducing the RoboRail: […]

CAT 395 Platforms

Embarking on the creation of platforms for the CAT 395, our team seamlessly blended innovation and functionality from the initial Faro Scanner-assisted design to the final installation. Our one-stop-shop solution streamlined fabrication, coatings, and installation processes, ensuring efficiency, while keeping our commitment to high-quality standards.  Stay updated with our latest projects by following us on […]

Codey Mattingly

Codey Mattingly Project Manager Codey joined Nix in November of 2022, as a Project Manager for our Structural Fabrication team in Rockport, Indiana. Graduated from Western Kentucky University, Codey has a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and a minor in Business Administration. Prior to Nix, Codey worked as a Project Manager at a construction company, leading […]

Commercial Building Terrace

We were approached by a commercial building owner seeking a tailored solution for their property—a custom terrace to enhance their building’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our engineers and custom fabrication teams collaborated to bring this project to life, showcasing our commitment to top-notch craftsmanship. Our engineering team visited the job site, equipped with cutting-edge technology, […]

Truck Probe Shack (Modular Building)

This project is the perfect example of how our Industrial Products website can best benefit new and current customers, whether it be a small or large project! A construction company in North Dakota found our industrial products website,, after looking for a customizable modular building. The customer already had drawings of exactly what they […]

Shelby Richards

Shelby Richards Project Manager Shelby joined the Northend Gear & Machine Division in March of 2022 as a Project Manager. Shelby graduated from Miami University with an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to Northend, Shelby worked at machining and manufacturing facilities starting as an Engineer/ AutoCAD and going to an Engineer and Team Lead. […]

Harold Graff

Harold Graff Project Engineer Harold joined the Nix team in February of 2022. Harold graduated from the ITT Technical Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics and Associate’s in Tool and Die Design. With 18+ years working for an engineering company, Harold has extensive experience and knowledge in project management, developing 3D models, and interacting […]

Pipe Supports

In June, a contractor came to us needing a new system for their manufacturing customer to protect and hold pipes in place going from one building to the next. Our engineering, structural fabrication, and field services teams worked together to design, build, and install a galvanized steel bridge to support the pipes. 

Aluminum Dock Walkway

Our engineering, custom fabrication, and field services teams worked together to design, build, and install a 50 foot all aluminum walkway for a dock extension. Now, the customer is able to move their dock 20 feet further out, so it can sit in a greater depth of water year around.

Railcar Loading Platform

Our expertise in safety solutions recently proved invaluable to a manufacturing customer seeking a reliable platform for loading railcars. Through close collaboration, we successfully crafted a fully customized safety platform that perfectly aligned with their specific needs. The primary objective was to create a platform that facilitated seamless loading and unloading of railcars while ensuring […]