Manufactured Sheaves

Our Northend Gear & Machine Division operating near Cincinnati, OH completed a bulk order of sheaves for a manufacturing customer. From saw to lathe, see how these sheaves developed throughout the pictures below. The Northend division has Manual Lathes offering up to 36″ diameter (Victor 16X60, Victor 20×60, Victor 29×120 & Bullard 36″) and CNC Lathes offering up to 36″ diameter (Mazak PowerMaster, Mazak QT35, Mazak Nexus 200, Mazak QuickTurn 15).
Services offered at this division include machining, gear manufacturing, gearbox repair & rebuilding, dynamic balancing, welding & fabrication, and engineering. View the division’s key assets and capability details by visiting their page here: Northend Gear & Machine Division or call for help with your next project at (513) 860-4334.
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