Roof Refurbishment

Nix Mobile Coatings had a customer concerned with replacement of a leaking roofs at their facilities.  To save the customer costs an overcoat system was chosen to reduce tear off expenses.  The roof was pressure cleaned and deoxidized.  Some sections of the failing roof were cut out and overlaid with decking.  Approximately 1 inch of closed cell spray foam was then applied to create a monolithic (seamless) roof coating.   Following the spray foam application, we top coated the foam with a specialty polyurea coating to protect the foam application from environmental factors in the surrounding area.

This roofing system will have a life of 20+ years for the customer.  A full tear off project of the roof would have cost the customer 3 times the investment for our system while saving them weeks on installation.   We are proud of our team for their hard work on this great roof coating system and grateful to help our customers find cost saving solutions to keep them running safe and efficient.