Representative Nix Brings up Sons to Work

Sunday, August 10, 1913
Evansville Courier: “Representative Nix Brings Up Sons to Work”
picture: “Evansville Courier – 1913”

Posey County Member of Legislature and Five Boys Carry on Large Business, All Performing Part of the Labor Reading from left to right – Hon. Charles Nix, father, aged 53 years; Carl, aged 8 years; John, aged 16 years; George, aged 22 years; Joseph, aged 20 years, and William, aged 18 years.

POSEYVILLE, Ind., Aug. 9. – (Special.) – Charles Nix of this place who so ably represented Posey county in the lower house of the Indiana legislature during the 1913 session, has five interesting boys and like their father they have been brought up on work.

Mr. Nix owns a large blacksmith and implement shop, in fact, the largest in this section. You will always find him and his five sons on the job and they are always busy at one thing and another. In fact, the Nix shop is one of the busiest places in Poseyville, which is a live and progressive town.

The youngest son, Carl, can do anything from running a gasoline engine to shoeing a horse. He is going to be a politician like his illustrious father when he grows up and becomes a man. Mr. Nix says he never liked that old song, “Everybody Works But Father,” as it cannot be applied to him or his family. “We all work at my shop,” said Mr. Nix, “and there is never an idle moment.”

After the day’s work is done at the blacksmith and implement shop, the Nix family, father and sons, find amusement at the fine home, which by the way is one of the most beautiful homes in Poseyville. The father and sons are musicians and all play the violin. There is a violin in the Nix home that was made in Germany in the year 1617. Mr. Nix says it would be hard for him to part with the old violin, as it beeps everybody in a good humor around the Nix home.