5 Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof coatings offer multiple benefits to businesses or facilities that are looking to repair their roofs and are evaluating their options. Whether your facility is looking for an immediate fix to a leak or is more interested in preventative maintenance, roof coatings can help extend the roof’s life, prevent leaks, increase energy efficiency, decrease costs, and are less intrusive than single ply roofing systems.

5. Extends Life

The life expectancy of a roof coatings system is 10-20 years depending on your choice of coatings. The exceptional aspect of coatings is the ability to recoat the roof system at the end of its life and therefore be long term cost effective at maintaining the roof system on your facility. 

4. Monolithic

The majority of leaks on singly ply roofs are at the overlapping seams.  This occurs when ponding water or ice builds up and flows back into an overlapping area. Coatings provide a monolithic or “seamless” roof system to the entire roof area therefore minimizing the risk of a possible leak.

3. Energy Efficiency

Due to the majority of our roof coatings being white, your business will notice a significant increase in energy efficiency due to the reflective nature of the coatings.  According to Conklin Roofing Systems, studies have shown that highly reflective roofs lower roof temperatures by up to 40% and decrease the amount of heat transferred into a building’s interior.  Spray foam systems add an additional layer of insulation under the reflective coatings cutting energy costs even more. 

2. Cost-effective

When you choose to coat your roof instead of replacing it, you eliminate the need for additional labor costs during the tear off phase.  Coating a roof decreases the turnaround time of the roof repair therefore being more cost-effective to the customer. 

1. Less intrusive

One of the most important advantages of coating your existing roof substrate is the non-intrusive nature of coating over the existing roof versus doing a full tear off and replacement.  By doing this you eliminate the need to have the facility open to damages caused inclement weather throughout the project. This will minimize downtown and cause as little inconvenience to the facility as possible. 


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