Nix Announces Rebrand to Nix Industrial

Poseyville, IN (January 22nd, 2024): Nix Companies is thrilled to announce a pivotal change in the identity of its legacy business. This change reflects a strategic shift and enhanced focus on the business’s core services. Starting in 2024, Nix Metals, Nix Coatings, and their subsidiary brands will operate under the new name, “Nix Industrial.”

The decision to rebrand as Nix Industrial is rooted in the company’s commitment to simplifying its identity and communicating its comprehensive range of industrial solutions more clearly. Nix Industrial remains a proud subsidiary of Nix Companies Inc. (a family holding company overseeing a diverse portfolio of service-oriented businesses, real estate, and essential support services).

Nix Industrial is a custom manufacturer and industrial repair company that specializes in metal fabrication, machining & gears, and coatings & finishings, offering a one-stop solution to keep America’s Industries safe, efficient, and reliable. ​


Matthew Nix (President) Statement: Our Mission is To keep America’s industries safe, efficient, and reliable. While metal fabrication and industrial coatings are certainly our core capabilities, we see ourselves as much more than this. Our ability to fulfill that mission already extends beyond those core services and we will continue to enhance our product and service offerings to further achieve this mission. This rebrand signifies our emphasis is on the industry and the customers we serve, not the specifics of what we do.


We are excited about the opportunities this change brings and look forward to continuing Forging Ahead as Nix Industrial!

Nix Industrial operates locations in Poseyville, IN, Rockport, IN, and Cincinnati, OH. 


To learn more about Nix Industrial’s parent company, Nix, visit: