Efficient Conveyor Corrosion Control

A Case Study in Effective Repair & Industrial Coatings Work

Existing Challenge

A customer had planned a full belt refurbishment, including rollers, belts, drives, and counterweights, during a scheduled outage. However, due to delayed supplies, they identified an opportunity to address corrosion concerns by sandblasting and painting the conveyor structure. Our Field Coatings team was entrusted with this critical task and had a mere seven days to complete the extensive 120 feet of conveyor and catwalk, all while ensuring a high-quality finish and adherence to safety standards.

Approach and Solution

Bull Pot Blasting Setup: To meet the demanding production requirements, we leveraged a Bull Pot Blasting setup, enabling the operation of four blast lines simultaneously. This setup significantly increased the output of blast media, allowing for swift and efficient sandblasting.

Two-Shift Turnaround: To fully optimize their equipment, we implemented a two-shift work schedule while ensuring strict safety protocols. The Nix team only interrupted operations for pre and post-shift safety discussions.

Industrial Epoxy Application: Following the thorough sandblasting,we applied two coats of industrial epoxy to all steel structures and frames. This high-quality epoxy provided reliable corrosion protection, ensuring the longevity of the conveyor system.

Safety Yellow Urethane Topcoat: As a final touch, the safety features of the conveyor system were top-coated with a safety yellow urethane, promoting visibility and safety for employees during routine maintenance and inspections.

Results and Benefits

Despite the challenging circumstances, our Field Coatings team successfully accomplished the conveyor corrosion control and refurbishment project, delivering quality results for the customer:

Ahead of Schedule Completion: The efficient utilization of the Bull Pot Blasting setup and the two-shift turnaround enabled the our team to complete the project ahead of the tight schedule, ensuring minimal downtime for the customer’s operations.

Comprehensive Corrosion Protection: The industrial epoxy application safeguarded the conveyor structure from corrosion, ensuring its long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Enhanced Safety Features: The application of safety yellow urethane topcoat improved visibility and safety, creating a secure working platform for employees during maintenance and inspections.

Weather and Safety Adherence: Despite challenging working conditions, our team successfully executed the project without delays, demonstrating a commitment to safety and professionalism.