Roof Access Stairs

Ensuring the safety of employees during rooftop maintenance is of paramount importance to us, which is why we were thrilled to assist a customer in finding a secure solution. Collaborating closely with the customer, we evaluated the building’s layout and requirements to determine the most appropriate location for the installation of stairs, thereby eliminating the […]

Rectangular Material Lifting Basket

We were approached by a heavy industrial customer facing a crucial challenge: the safe and efficient transportation of materials from ground level to elevated surfaces without the necessity of implementing a complex lifting plan. Recognizing the importance of streamlining their operations while prioritizing safety, we developed a professionally engineered basket specifically designed to address the […]

Custom Pallet Guarding System

We were approached by a customer with a critical safety concern: the need for a robust support system to ensure the well-being of their employees in the event of a potential racking system failure in a heavily trafficked walkway. We worked with the customer to design a customized guarding system tailored to their unique plant […]

Vertical Plastics Mixer

The teams at Nix Metals and Nix Coatings fabricated, coated, and installed this vertical plastics mixer for our customer.

Fall Protection System

From design to installation, the teams from Nix Metals and Nix Coatings executed a complete build of a fall protection system over a grouping of chemical tanks.  This project involved both design and engineering, fabrication, powder coating, delivery and installation.

Work In Process Racks – Seat Frame

Nix Metals evaluated, designed, and manufactured these Seat Frame Work in Process Racks for an automotive manufacturer due to issues they were experiencing with current material handling equipment.  Each rack is equipped with a six wheel caster design to allow for tugging throughout the plant, eight fixed product positions with the ability to accommodate 32 […]