Roof Access Stairs

A customer was looking for a safe way for their employees to access the rooftop for maintenance. We were able to work together to determine a location on the building to place stairs and do away with the ladder they were using. We customized the height of the stairs and finished the piece in a […]

Loader Access Platform

When our customers have new machines or plant layout we work closely with their team to make sure they have safe ways to access machines for breakdowns and maintenance.  This project is a great example of our customer putting their team’s safety first when installing new equipment in their plant.   Cool fact for this project:  […]

Rectangular Material Lifting Basket

A heavy industrial customer requested a solution to transport material from ground level to elevated surfaces, without the need of a lifting plan. This basket was professionally engineered to eliminate this need and more efficiently transport materials. Related Products More Projects ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Nix Industrial Circular Lifting Baskets are a perfect solution for transporting […]

Custom Industrial Tote Carts

The team worked together to produce these Tote Carts for one of our manufacturing customers.  Our engineering department designed the carts with the customer, the fabrication shop processed the materials and fabricated the parts and assembled the carts. The Coatings team sandblasted and powder coated the carts before assembly. Great job to everyone on this […]

Custom Pallet Guarding System

We had a customer needing a support system to keep their employees safe in the event of a racking system fail in a highly used walkway.  We helped the customer design a custom guarding system that would work in their plant.  We built the guarding and then powder coated it safety yellow.  Our team worked […]

Robot & Hopper Platform

An injection molding company needed a safer way to access high equipment. We customized this platform to meet the height standards of their equipment, added access stairs, included handrails on the platform itself to ensure safety and finalized it with a powder coated finish.  Related Products More Projects ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Nix Industrial Access Platforms […]

Work In Process Racks

Nix Metals evaluated, designed, and manufactured these Seat Frame Work in Process Racks for an automotive manufacturer due to issues they were experiencing with current material handling equipment.  Each rack is equipped with a six wheel caster design to allow for tugging throughout the plant, eight fixed product positions with the ability to accommodate 32 […]