Caged Ladder

A heavy industrial customer needing a new caged ladder to access the roof. We designed a custom height, steel ladder with a safety cage and powdercoated safety yellow. Here’s the finished product! We can build from prints or design build your next plant safety solution. VIEW MORE PROJECTS

Railcar Loading Platform

A manufacturing customer came to us needing a safety platform for loading railcars. After discussing design ideas, we were able to put together a fully customized platform with access stairs and powdercoated safety yellow to meet the customer’s needs.   VIEW MORE PROJECTS

Roof Access Stairs

A customer was looking for a safe way for their employees to access the rooftop for maintenance. We were able to work together to determine a location on the building to place stairs and do away with the ladder they were using. We customized the height of the stairs and finished the piece in a […]

Loader Access Platform

When our customers have new machines or plant layout we work closely with their team to make sure they have safe ways to access machines for breakdowns and maintenance.  This project is a great example of our customer putting their team’s safety first when installing new equipment in their plant.   Cool fact for this project:  […]

Custom Pallet Guarding System

We had a customer needing a support system to keep their employees safe in the event of a racking system fail in a highly used walkway.  We helped the customer design a custom guarding system that would work in their plant.  We built the guarding and then powder coated it safety yellow.  Our team worked […]

Robot & Hopper Platform

An injection molding company needed a safer way to access high equipment. We customized this platform to meet the height standards of their equipment, added access stairs, included handrails on the platform itself to ensure safety and finalized it with a powder coated finish.  VIEW MORE PROJECTS

Roof Access Safety Platforms

The teams at Nix Metals and Nix Coatings fabricated, coated, and installed a series of safety platforms to provide safe roof top access. VIEW MORE PROJECTS